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Covid Tests for Companies

The local choice in healthcare for your business.


Our collective of experienced and qualified staff have the skills and expertise to serve our customers with first-rate healthcare.


We are a Central Ohio employee-owned company that has been providing prompt and professional health care to our community for over 30 years.


Our 4 urgent care locations are open 7 days a week to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place for your employees.

Recommended by:

Roy Borrows,

Senior Manager, Administration and Human Resources

Ohashi Technica U.S.A., Inc.

Sunbury, OH

“My experience with Kirk and the staff at IHA Urgent Cares has been spectacular. When we needed someone to help us with our aggressive testing procedures due to Covid, they stepped in and have truly been a life saver. They have gone beyond what is just required, and worked “outside of the box” to assist us.

Their efforts at timely, quality, on demand care and testing have saved us thousands of hours by coming to our site to test, the quick identification of those that have been positive, and the hours and hours of productivity they have helped me protect.”