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Thank you for considering Immediate Health Associates (IHA), (Wedgewood / Westar / Newark Valley / Sunbury Urgent Care), for your company’s Occupational Medicine needs.

When sending someone to our Urgent Care for your drug screens, physicals, flu shots, and/or COVID-19 testing we ask you send a letter with your company’s letter head, requesting the specific service you want done. This gives us clear instructions on what is to be done. It also avoids someone telling us their needs incorrectly or having to call your office to confirm this is who you sent and for what.

Pre-employment physicals are usually completed on our health forms. If you have any special instructions regarding the physical needs of your employees, please communicate this with the nurse manager at the Urgent Care, so we can accommodate them on the physical form. Once physicals are completed here, we fax them back to the company, or we hand the physical form back to the employee for them to provide to their employer.

Any positive drug test results are sent to a medical review officer for further testing. We use Doctors Review Service. It is all a part of the drug screen cost quoted on the information sheet.
The MRO’s address is:

Dr. Ron Vargo / Family Practice
738 W. Coshocton Street
Johnstown, Ohio

Billing is handled through our IHA office:

Robin Effingham / Billing Director
575 Copeland Mill Road Suite 1D
Westerville, Ohio 43081
Phone: (614) 839.5234 Fax: (614) 794.3711

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact

Robin Effingham
(614) 839.5234 – office